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TM 5-2815-241-34&P CYLINDER  HEAD  -  CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS CLEANING NOTE For  general  cleaning  procedures,  see  General  Maintenance  Instructions,  page  2-3. INSPECTION NOTE Steps given are typical for all three cylinder heads. For  more  complete  inspection  of  cylinder  head,  polish  mating  surfaces  with  crocus cloth. For tagging parts, see General Maintenance Instructions, page 2-3. 7.  Cylinder  head  (1) a.   Using  magnetic  inspection  method,  in- spect  for  cracks. If  cracks  are  found,  discard  cylinder head   (1). b .   Visually  inspect  surface  near  water  pas- sage  holes  (2)  for  pits  and  scratches. c .   Using  steel  machinist’s  rule,  measure length  of  pits  and  scratches. If pits and scratches are more than 2/32  to  5/32-inch  (1.59  to  3.97  mm) from edge of water hole, discard cyl- inder  head  (1). d.   Check  for  warped  mating  surfaces. If  cylinder  head  Is  warped,  tag cylinder head for resurfacing. See steps  24  and  25. 8. Valve  seat insert (3) Visually  inspect  for  cracks  or  burns. If cracks or bums exist, tag valve seat  for  replacement.  See  steps 26 thru 34. 2-180


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