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TM    5-2815-241-34&P CRANKSHAFT ASSEMBLY - CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS INSPECTION  -  CONTINUED 4. Crankshaft (1) 5 . 2-216 Main  bearing journals  (2) Thrust  bearing flanges  (3) a. Using  4-  to  5-inch  micrometer,  mea- sure diameter of seven main bearing journals in several places. Check for out-of-round  condition.  Main  bearing journals  should  be  4.4975  to  4.500 inches (114.24 to 114.30 mm). Tag  crankshaft  main  bearing  journals for grinding if worn smaller than 4.4975  Inches  (114.23  mm)  or  more than  0.002  inch  (0.05  mm)  out-of- round. b.   Using 4-to 5-inch micrometer, mea- sure seven main bearing journals for taper  across  length  of  journals. Tag for grinding If taper exceeds 0.0005 Inch (0.0127 mm). a. Inspect for and, using depth microm- eter, measure depth of scratches, nicks,  and  score  marks. If  scratches,  nicks,  or  score  marks exceed  0.020  inch  (0.568  mm),  dis- card  crankshaft.  If  scratches,  nicks or  score  marks  are  0.020  Inch  (0.508 mm) or less, tag for grinding. b. Using 3 to 4-inch micrometer, meas- ure  distance  between  thrust  bearing flanges.  Distance  must  be  3.001  to 3.006 inches (76.225 to 76.352 mm). If distance exceeds 3.006 inches (76.352  mm),  tag  for  grinding. c. Using  dial  indicator,  check  thrust  bear- ing  flanges  for  flatness.  Flatness  should vary  no  more  than  0.003  inch (0.076  mm). If  flatness  exceeds  0.003  inch (0.0076  mm),  tag  for  grinding


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