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TM  5-2815-241-34&P EQUIPMENT   INSPECTION The following explains what must be done upon initial receipt of engine. All tags and DA Form 2404, Equipment  Inspection  and  Maintenance  Worksheet,  must  be  checked  to  ensure  that  serial  numbers appearing on tags and forms match those on engine received. DA Form 2406, Materiel Condition Status  Report,  must  be  checked  to  include  items  listed  below. 1. Turbocharger 6.    Aneroid Valve 2. Turbocharger Crossover  Tube 7.    Water  Manifold (Not  Attached) 8.    Intake   Manifold 3. Fuel  Pump,  P/T  Type  G 9.    Exhaust   Manifold 4.  Air Compressor 10.    Oil Cooler with Oil Filter 5.  Secondary Fuel Filter 11. Front  Engine  Mount UNPACKING The procedure for unpacking will be determined by the method of packing used by the sending facility. CLEANING WARNING Improper  cleaning  methods  and  use  of  unauthorized  cleaning  liquids  or  solvents  can injure personnel and damage equipment. Refer to TM 9-247, Materials Used for Cleaning,  Preserving,  Abrading,  and  Cementing  Ordnance  Materiel  and  Related Materials  Including  Chemicals. The  method  of  cleaning  will  be  at  the  discretion  of  the  using  facility.  Cleaning  procedure  must  include the total removal of grease, dirt, and foreign material, from all mating surfaces, to eliminate the introduction  of  contaminants  into  vital  engine  components. TESTING Engine to be tested is placed on a suitable engine test stand, and all applicable hoses, lines, fittings, and  wires  are  connected  to  monitoring  gages  and  meters  while  simulating  actual  engine  performance. At this time, if a malfunction is found, the symptom index, found on page 2-422, is consulted for direction  to  the  possible  corrective  action. Section   II.   TROUBLESHOOTING If troubleshooting performed in TM 5-3805-254-34 failed to isolate the specific malfunction or problem and removal of engine from chassis was deemed necessary, place engine on appropriate engine  test  stand  and  hook  up  test  and  diagnostic  equipment  to  further  aid  in  locating  fault. If engine has been removed from chassis and established malfunction or problem noted on DA Form 2404  and  DA  Form  2406,  perform  maintenance  procedure  or  procedures  required. 2-2


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