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TM  5-2815-241-34&P PISTON AND CONNECTlNG ROD - CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS CLEANING/INSPECTION  -  CONTINUED 22.   ST-561   connecting rod  checking fixture (1) Master   connecting rod (2) Gently  remove  and  rotate  160°  horizontally and  place  back  into  checking  fixture  allowing dial indicators (3) to register a reading. If both dial indicators (3) register readings  other  than  original  zero  “0” settings,  record  these  readings. 23. Dial   indicator   (3) Set zero “0” to one-half readings recorded in step  20. Checking  fixture  (1)  is  now calibrated. 24. Master   connecting rod  (2) a. Remove  from  checking  fixture  (1). b. Remove piston pin mandrel and expand- ing   arbor. NOTE Connecting  rod  alinement  measurements  read  directly  from  dial  indicators,  indicate comparative  length  and  misalinement  of  bores.  Measurements  apply  with  or  without piston  pin  bushings  installed. 25. Connecting rod (4) Bearing  cap  (5) Make sure bearing cap is torqued correctly. See  step  11. 26. Piston  pin mandrel (6) Insert  into  piston  pin  bore  (7). 27. Expanding   arbor   (8) Insert  into  crankpin  bore  (9). Tighten  to  snug  only. 28. Connecting  rod  (4) a.    Set into ST-561 connecting rod checking fixture (1). See steps 18 thru 21. b. Check dial indicator (3) readings for length and compare to length set up in calibration  of  checking  fixture  (1). Record  reading. c. Check dial indicator (3) readings for alinement of bores and compare the difference of reading from one dial indicator  to  other. Record    reading. 2-228


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