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TM   5-2815-241-34&P PISTON AND CONNECTING ROD - CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS REPAIR  -  CONTINUED 39. Block (1) Connecting   rod   (2) a. Place  on  block  and  support  in  horizontal position. b. Line  up  mark  on  guide  sleeve  (3)  with middle  of  boss  on  connecting  rod. c. Using  ST-1242  mandrel  set  (4),  as- sembly  sleeve  (5),  guide  sleeve  (3), and arbor press, push in new piston pin bushing (6), making sure oil hole in pis- ton pin bushing and piston pin bore (7) are  lined  up. Push  in  until  assembly  sleeve  (5) contacts  side  of  connecting  rod  boss. 40. Connecting rod (2) Piston  pin bushing   (6) Using  ST-1242  mandrel  set  (4),  removal sleeve  (8),  and  arbor  press,  push  out. WARNING Safety goggles must be worn to prevent eye injury caused by flying steel chips. 41. Connecting   rod   (2) a. Fill  lubricating  holes  with  lubricating soap to keep out shavings. b. Mount in ST-526 boring machine or equivalent. Lower  mandrel  should  have  only  the two horizontal blades in place to properly  locate  the  side  position  of  the piston  pin  end  of  connecting  rod  (2). c. Bore piston pin bushing (6) to 2.001-to 2.0015-inch (50.83 to 50.84 mm) in- side  diameter. d. Remove  from  ST-526  boring  machine,  or equivalent,   and   using   ST-205   plug gage,  check  inside  diameter. If  inside  diameter  is  less  than  2.001 inch  (56.83  mm),  continue  boring operation,  steps  a,  b,  and  c. If  inside  diameter  is  greater  than 2.0015  inch  (50.84  mm),  replace piston  pin  bushing  (6). See  steps  38  thru  41. e. Using  scraper,  remove  any  sharp  edges from piston pin bushing (6). 2-234 Change  1


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