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TM    5-2815-241-34&P PISTON  AND  CONNECTING  ROD  -  CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS 44. Connecting rod (6) Bearing  cap  (7), two  nuts  (8),  and two  washers  (9) Take  off. NOTE Install  new  or  inspection-approved  connecting  rod  bearings.  Be  sure  to  install  bearings to  their  respective  connecting  rod  and  bearing  cap,  as  tagged  during  disassembly.  If crankshaft is new or has been machined, install new bearings. If an upper or lower bearing has been replaced with a new bearing, its other half must also be replaced with a  new  bearing. 45. Connecting rod (6) Upper  bearing  (10) Put  in. 46. Bearing cap (7) Lower  bearing  (11) Put  in. 47. Connecting rod (6) Bearing  cap  (7), two  washers  (9),  and two  nuts  (8) a.  Put  on. b. Hand tighten, to keep bearings from slipping  out  of  connecting  rod. 48. Bearings  (10  and  11) and  four  piston rings  (12) Keep together with piston (1) and connect- ing rod (6), tag location in cylinder block, hold for engine assembly. NOTE FOLLOW-ON   MAINTENANCE: Install  pistons  and  connecting  rods  (page  2-60). TASK ENDS HERE 2-237


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