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TM    5-2815-241-34&P CAMSHAFT   AND   GEAR   ASSEMBLY   -   CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS INSPECTION 1. Camshaft and gear assembly  (1) 2. Camshaft  (3) 3. Camshaft and gear assembly  (1) 4. Thrust  bearing  (5) DISASSEMBLY 5. Camshaft and gear assembly  (1) Bearing  journals  (2) Using a 1-to 2-inch micrometer, measure diameter. If  diameter  is  less  than  1.996  Inches (59.70  mm),  replace  camshaft.  New camshaft  bearing  journals  will  be 1.997  to  1.998  inches  (50.72  to 50.75 mm). Inspect for breaks, pits, scoring, or scuffing.  Inspect  for  cracks  or  imperfec- tions  by  visual  and  magnetic  inspection methods. If  broken,  cracked,  pitted,  scored,  or scuffed,   replace   camshaft. Camshaft  gear  (4) Inspect for chips, cracks, visible wear, sharp fins, nicks, and burrs. If  chipped,  cracked,  worn,  nicked,  or sharp  fins  and  burrs  are  observed, replace   camshaft   gear. Using  a  0-  to  1-inch  micrometer,  measure thickness. If less than 0.083 inch (2.11 mm), replace  thrust  bearing. Thrust  bearing  (5) Remove. 2-239


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