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TM    5-2815-241-34&P INSPECTION The procedures for inspection will be similar for most components and parts of the engine. Any inspection procedure that is peculiar to a specific part or component is covered in the paragraph relating  to  that  item. CASTINGS 1. Inspect  all  castings  for  cracks  using  a  magnifying  glass  and  strong  light.  Particularly  check  the areas near studs, pipe plugs, threaded inserts, and in sharp corners and fillets. 2. Inspect machined surfaces of castings for nicks, burrs, and raised metal. Mark damaged areas for  repair. 3. Check  all  mating  flanges  on  housings  and  supports  for  warpage  using  a  straightedge  or  surface plate.  Inspect  mating  flanges  for  discoloration  which  may  indicate  constant  oil  leakage. 4. Inspect all pipe plug and capscrew tapped openings for damaged or stripped threads. 5. Check  actual  casting  specifications  against  those  given  in  the  paragraph  relating  to  the  item. BALL   BEARINGS Refer to TM 9-214 for inspection of bearings. Check actual bearing specifications against those given in the paragraph relating to the item. STUDS Inspect all studs for stripped or damaged threads, bent or loose condition, and signs of stretching. GEARS 1. Inspect all gears for cracks, using a magnifying glass and strong light. 2. Inspect all gear teeth for wear, sharp fins, burrs, and galled or pitted surfaces. 3. Check  actual  gear  specifications  against  those  given  in  the  paragraph  relating  to  the  item. BUSHINGS  AND  BUSHING-TYPE  BEARINGS 1. Check all bushings and bushing-type bearings for secure fit in the castings or mating part in which they are used. 2. Inspect  for  wear,  burrs,  nicks,  and  out-of-round  condition. 3. Check for dirt in lubrication holes or grooves. Holes and grooves must be clean and free from damage  to  ensure  proper  lubrication. 4. Check  actual  bushing  or  bushing-type  bearing  specifications  against  those  given  in  the  para- graph relating to the item. 2-5


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