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TM    5-2815-241-34&P ROCKER  ARM  HOUSING  AND  PUSH  ROD  -  CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS 28. Rocker  arm  shaft  (9) Two   new   preformed a. Coat  with  lubricating  oil. packing  (11) b. With rocker arm shaft extended 1/2 inch from rocker arm housing (8), install one packing  on  rocker  arm  shaft. c. Push  rocker  arm  shaft  through  rocker arm housing (8) until other end extends 1/2  inch  from  rocker  arm  housing  (8) and install one packing on rocker arm shaft. 29.  Rocker arm housing   (8) 30. Setscrew  (12) a. Center rocker arm shaft (9) in rocker arm  housing. b. Squeeze  two  rocker  arms  (10)  together to rotate rocker arm shaft (9) to aline rocker arm shaft locking hole (13) with rocker arm housing locking hole (14). c. Using   5/32-inch   hex   key,   install   set- screw  in  rocker  arm  housing  locking  hole (14),  screw  in  and  tighten. Rocker arms (10) Check for freedom of movement. NOTE FOLLOW-ON     MAINTENANCE: Install  rocker  arm  housing  (2-82)  and  push  rods (page  2-73). TASK ENDS HERE 2-253


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