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TM    5-2815-241-34&P CAM   FOLLOWER   ASSEMBLY   -   CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS 14.  Cam  follower Cam  follower lever (1) socket  (5) Inspect  cam  follower  socket  as  follows: a. Coat  new  push  rod  ball  end  (6)  with prussian  blue. b. Place  push  rod  ball  end  (6)  into  cam follower  socket  and  rotate  using  hand pressure. c. Check cam follower socket wear area. If  cam  follower  socket  wear  area  is  not 80-percent  blued,  replace  cam follower   socket. d. Using  16-ounce  ball-peen  hammer  and 3/32-inch   drive-pin   punch,   drive   out. Install  new  cam  follower  socket,  see step  18. 15. Two  cam  follower shafts  (7) a. Using  0-  to  1-inch  micrometer,  mea- sure  outside  diameter  of  cam  follower shafts. If 0.748 inch (19.00 mm) or lass, replace. b. Visually  inspect  around  lockscrew  end to  make  sure  grooves  are  clean.  Check for cracks, breaks, bends, galling, or surface   imperfections. If  cracked,  broken,  galled,  bent,  or surface  is  damaged,  replace. 2-259


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