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TM    5-2815-241-34&P LUBRICATING OIL PUMP - CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS INSPECTION/REPAIR 9. Oil  pump  body  (1) a. Inspect  all  gasket  mating  surfaces  for and  adapter  housing  (8) flatness,  nicks,  or  burrs. If  uneveness,  nicks,  or  burrs  exist, discard. b. Inspect  for  pitting  or  cracks. If  pitting  or  cracks  exist,  discard. c. Inspect  for  damaged  threads. If  thread  damage  exists,  discard. d. Inspect  bushings  (9,  10,  and  11). If  worn  or  scored,  discard. 10. 11. Dowel  pins  (14) 12. Drive  gear  (12)  and idler  gear  (13) Inspect  for  worn  or  broken  teeth,  pitting,  or cracks. If  broken  teeth,  pitting,  or  cracks exist,   discard. Drive  shaft  (15) Inspect  for  damaged  dowel  pins. If  dowel  pin  damage  exists,  use ST-1134  dowel  puller,  remove damaged  dowel  pin,  and  replace  with new. Inspect for nicks, burrs, scores, or damaged  splines. Replace  if  damaged. 2-267


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