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TM   5-2815-241-34&P ACCESSORY  DRIVE  -  CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS INSPECTION/REPAIR  -  CONTINUED 8. Housing   (1) Inspect  for  damage  caused  by  bushing  rotat- ing  in  housing. If  bushing  has  rotated  in  housing, discard   housing. 9.  Housing (1) Sleeve  bearing  (2) a. Inspect for damage. If  bearing  is  damaged,  perform  steps d and e. If  bearing  is  serviceable,  proceed  to step  10. b. Using  a  1-  to  2-inch  inside  micrometer, check   inside   diameter,   (3). If  inside  diameter  is  greater  than 1.321  inch  (33.55  mm)  proceed  to steps  d  and  e. If  inside  diameter  is  less  than  1.321 inch  (33.55  mm),  proceed  to step  c. c. Using  a  1-  to  2-inch  inside  micrometer, check  for  out-of-round  condition. If  bearing  is  out-of-round,  more  than 0.002  inch  (0.05  mm),  perform  steps d and e. If  bearing  is  out-of-round  less  than 0.002  inch  (0.05  mm),  proceed  to step  10. d. Using  bearing  driver  and  arbor  press, push   out. e. Using  bearing  driver  and  arbor  press, press  in  new  bearing. 2-278


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