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TM   5-2815-241-34&P ACCESSORY   DRIVE   PULLEY ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS CLEANING NOTE For  general  cleaning  procedures,  see  General  Maintenance  Instructions,  page  2-3. INSPECTlON/REPAIR 1. Accessory  drive pulley  (1) a. Inspect for cracks and chips in hub, web,  and  groove  areas. If  cracks  or  chips  exist,  discard accessory  drive  pulley. b. Inspect for wear in grooves and oil seal sleeve  (2). NOTE If  wear  exists  in  grooves,  discard accessory  drive  pulley. If  wear  exists  in  oil  seal  sleeve, proceed  with  step  2. The following step is for replacing oil seal sleeve on accessory drive pulley. 2. Accessory drive pulley  (1) Oil  seal  sleeve  (2) a. Using  3/8-inch  cold  chisel  and  16- ounce  ball-peen  hammer,  split  worn  oil seal  sleeve.  Be  sure  not  to  damage  ac- cessory drive pulley hub. b.   Remove  oil  seal  sleeve. c. Using arbor press and oil seal sleeve mandrel, press new oil seal sleeve into accessory drive pulley hub, until flush or 0.015  inch  (0.38  mm)  below  face  of accessory drive pulley hub. NOTE FOLLOW-ON  MAINTENANCE: Install  accessory  drive  pulley  (page  2-90). TASK  ENDS  HERE TA  242527 2-281


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