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TM  5-2815-241-34&P ENGINE  COMPRESSION  BRAKE  HOUSING  -  CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS ASSEMBLY   -   CONTINUED 23. Housing (1) (topside  down) Master  piston  (2) Put  into  master  piston  bore  (3). NOTE When  performing  next  step,  position  master  piston  spring  (4)  as  shown  in  illustration. 23. Master  piston  spring (4),  flatwasher  (5), and  screw  (6) a. Put in place. Aline  master  piston  spring  (4)  on master  piston  (2). b.  Using  7/16-inch  box-end  wrench, tighten. 24. Slave  piston  (7)  and slave  piston  spring  (8) Put  into  slave  piston  bore  (9). WARNING Slave piston spring will be under tension when installing. Extreme care must be taken to prevent injury. 25. Spring  retainer  (10) and  retaining ring  (11) a. Position  spring  retainer  in  housing grooves and on top of slave piston spring. b. Using arbor press, push down on spring retainer. c. Using  snap-ring  pliers,  close  retaining ring  and  place  into  position. Make  sure  retaining  ring  is  seated  in groove. d. Carefully  release  arbor  press  tension. 2-288


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