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TM   5-2815-241-34&P FUEL  PUMP  -  CONTINUED Equipment   Condition Fuel  pump  assembly  removed  (page  2-41). LOCATION ITEM ACTION REMARKS CLEANING CAUTION Do not use chemical or caustic solutions or solvents that may damage aluminum or aluminum alloy parts. Serious damage to parts will occur. Do not use wire brushes or stiff-bristle brushes on fuel pump parts for cleaning. Wire or stiff  bristle  brushes  will  cause  serious  damage  to  parts. NOTE For   general   cleaning   procedures,   see   General   Maintenance   Instructions   (page   2-30). DISASSEMBLY 1.  Fuel  pump assembly  (1) Aneroid  control  feed line  (2)  and  return line (3) 2. Filter screen cover (4),  preformed  pack- ing  (5),  spring  (6), and filter screen assembly  (7) Using   5/8-inch   open-end   wrench,   un- screw  and  remove. a. Using   3/8-inch   flat-tip   screwdriver,   un- screw  and  remove  filter  screen  cover. b. Remove   packing. Discard   packing. c. Lift out spring and filter screen assembly. TA  242532 2-291


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