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TM   5-2815-241-34&P FUEL  PUMP  -  CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS 39.  Pulsation  damper assembly  (1) Cover  (5),  new  pre- formed  packing  (8), two  screws  (9),  two new   lockwashers (10),  and  two  flat washers  (11) 40. Elbow  (12) 41. Fuel inlet connec- tion  (13),  new  pre- formed  packing  (14), and  locknut  (15) a. Install  new  preformed  packing  in  groove of  cover. b. Position  cover  on  pulsation  damper assembly. c. Install one new lockwasher and one flat washer  on  each  screw. d.  Using  7/16-inch  box-end  wrench, screw  in  and  tighten  two  screws. Using   7/16-inch   open-end   wrench, screw in and tighten so open end of elbow faces  up. a. b. c. Put in new packing on fuel inlet connection. Screw in by hand and face open end of fuel  inlet  connection  away  from  cover. Using   1-inch   and   15/16-inch   open-end wrenches,  tighten  locknut  on  fuel  inlet connection. TA   242540 2-303


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