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TM    5-2815-241-34&P GENERAL These  tasks  contain  information  needed  to  disassemble  engine  and  its  components,  and  to  assemble engine from its subassemblies into a complete engine. Before disassembly, a visual inspection of engine and its subassemblies is recommended to deter- mine  if  repair  is  required.  Inspection  of  each  subassembly  and  tagging  of  components  and  positions will help ensure correct assembly. Remove and replace components and parts from engine in order in which they appear in this section. Individual components may be removed by noting equipment con- dition  to  be  performed. Before assembly, it is important to check each subassembly to make sure nothing has been over- looked  during  inspection  and  repair. Read  and  understand  all  WARNINGS,  CAUTIONS,  and  NOTES. Torque limits and tolerances will be included in each applicable task. It is important to pay attention to all torque limits and tolerances. Section XVI, chapter 2 contains a complete list of all torque limits and tolerances. Any cleaning procedure, except for unique situations, can be found in section III, chapter 2, General Maintenance  Instructions.  Lubricants  should  be  kept  in  clean,  covered  containers.  Work  area  should be kept as clean as possible. When engine is removed from chassis, support it on engine transport stand. Perform all necessary disassembly  procedures  to  prepare  engine  for  mounting  on  suitable  engine  repair  stand.  Engine maintenance is performed on the engine repair stand. For final assembly of engine, remove it from the  engine  repair  stand  and  remount  engine  on  engine  transport  stand.  Mounting  procedures  on engine repair and transport stands are left up to the discretion of the repair facility. Disassembly and assembly of the NTC-290 diesel engine must be performed In the order that the para- graphs are presented In this sect/on, starting with Turbocharger and Oil Line Removal. 2-11


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