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TM  5-2815-241-34&P FUEL  PUMP  -  CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS FRONT  COVER  ASSEMBLY  REPAIR NOTE For  front  cover  assembly  removal  procedures,  see  step  7,  page  2-292. Steps 60 thru 101 contain repair procedures for the front cover, drive shaft, and weight carrier. 60. Front  cover  (1) Weight  carrier  (2) Check  for  excessive  weight  carrier  shaft bushing  wear  by  moving  weight  carrier  shaft (3)  from  side  to  side  in  bushing  (4). There  is  excessive  wear  if  weight carrier  shaft  can  be  moved  from  side to  side  in  weight  carrier  shaft  bushing. Tag  for  replacement  if  wear  is observed. 61. 62. Drive  shaft  gear  (5) and  spur  gear  (6) Using  thickness  gage,  check  gear backlash. Backlash  should  be  0.005  to  0.009 inch (0.13 to 0.23 mm). Weight  assist  plung- er  (7),  weight  assist shim  (8),  and  weight assist  spring  (9) Remove. NOTE When removing weight carrier, retaining ring (10) may be pulled from weight carrier shaft (3) leaving bushing (4) in front cover. If snapring is pulled from weight carrier shaft (3), weight carrier may also be pulled from shaft. 63. Weight  carrier  (2) Using ST-709 puller, pull weight carrier from  front  cover  (1). NOTE Perform step 64 only if weight carrier shaft remains in front cover when removing weight carrier. 2-308


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