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TM  5-2815-241-34&P FUEL  PUMP  -  CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS FRONT COVER ASSEMBLY REPAIR - CONTINUED NOTE Step 76 covers procedures for inspecting cast weight carrier. These procedures also apply  to  welded  weight  carrier  with  the  following  exception.  If  welded  weight  carrier  is found to be worn, discard entire weight carrier. Only cast weight carrier has replaceable parts. 76.  Weight  carrier  (1) Governor  weight pins  (2) a. Place 1/4-inch drill bit under governor weights  (3). b. Try to place 11/64-inch drill bit between governor   weights   (3). NOTE Replace  governor  weight  pins  if 11/64-inch  drill  bit  does  not  fit between    weights. Perform  step  77  only  if  governor  weight  pins  (2)  are  to  be  replaced. 77.  Weight  carrier  (1) Two  governor  weight pins  (2)  and  two governor   weights   (3) 78. Two  governor weights  (3) 79. Weight  carrier  (1) 80.  Weight  carrier  (1) Two  governor  weights (3)  and  two  new governor  weight pins  (2) a. Using  3/16-inch  brass  driftpin  punch and   16-ounce   ball-peen   hammer,   tap out  two  governor  weight  pins. Discard  governor  weight  pins. b. Take out governor weights. Inspect  for  wear  or  damage. Discard  if  worn  or  damaged. Inspect  for  wear  or  damage. Discard  if  worn  or  damaged. Position  governor  weights  in  weight  car- rier and using 3/16-inch brass drift-pin punch   and   16-ounce   ball-peen   hammer, drive in two new governor weight pins. Center  new  governor  weight  pins  in weight   carrier. 2-312


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