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TM  5-2815-241-34&P FUEL  PUMP  -  CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS FRONT COVER ASSEMBLY REPAIR - CONTINUED NOTE Step 83 covers assembly of weight carrier shaft. If old parts came off shaft during disassembly and are to be used again, weight carrier shaft must be a minimum of 0.0005  inch  (0.013  mm)  larger  than  spur  gear  bore  and  weight  carrier  bore  for  an interference  fit. 83.  Weight  carrier  (1) Weight  carrier  shaft (2)  and  spur  gear  (3) a. Support  weight  carrier  on  support  blocks and, using arbor press and mandrel, press  weight  carrier  shaft  into  weight carrier  until  it  is  0.005  inch  (0.13  mm) to  flush  with  weight  side  of  weight carrier. b. Support  weight  carrier  and  shaft  assem- bly  in  ST-1231  gear  puller  and,  using arbor  press  and  mandrel,  press  weight carrier shaft into spur gear. Make  sure  rough  edge  of  gear  is facing  weight  carrier. 84. Drive   shaft assembly  (4) Inspect  drive  shaft  (5),  drive  gear  (6), drive  coupling  (7),  and  ball  bearing  (8)  for wear  or  damage. Tag  worn  or  damaged  parts  for replacement. NOTE Steps  85  thru  88  are  for  drive  shaft,  drive  gear,  drive  coupling,  and  ball  bearing replacement only. If no replacement is necessary, proceed to step 90. TA   242547 2-314


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