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TM  5-2815-241-34&P FUEL  PUMP  -  CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS FRONT COVER ASSEMBLY REPAIR - CONTINUED CAUTION Make sure gears mesh when pressing weight carrier assembly into front cover to avoid damage  to  gear  teeth. 99.  Front  cover  (1) Weight  carrier  (2), weight  carrier  shaft bushing   (3),   weight carrier  shaft  (4), and  retaining ring  (5) a. b. c. d. e. Push  retaining  ring  onto  end  of  weight carrier  shaft. Lubricate  weight  carrier  shaft  bushing with  extreme-pressure  grease  and  posi- tion in front cover. Lubricate  weight  carrier  shaft  with  lubri- cating  oil  and  position  in  weight  carrier shaft  bushing. Using arbor press and mandrel, center mandrel  against  back  of  weight  carrier between  weights,  and  with  gears  alined, press  weight  carrier  and  weight  carrier shaft  bushing  into  front  cover  until bushing  is  seated. Rotate  weight  carrier  with  weights opened out to make sure it will turn completely  in  housing. 100.  Weight  carrier  (2) Weight  assist  shims a. Install items and in order given. (6),  weight  assist Make  sure  small  end  of  weight  assist spring  (7),  and  weight plunger  is  closest  to  weight  carrier assist  plunger  (8) assembly   weights. b. Using 0 to 1-inch depth micrometer, place one leg of depth micrometer base across  weight  carrier  walls  and  measure distance to front cover (1) mating surface. Record  as  measurement  A. c. Repeat step 100b for other side of weight carrier. Record  as  measurement  B. 2-320


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