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TM   5-2815-241-34&P FUEL  PUMP  -  CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS d. Add measurements A and B and divide by 2. Record  finding  C. e. Using 0 to 1-inch depth micrometer, center  depth  micrometer  on  weight carrier  over  weight  assist  plunger  and measure  distance  to  end  of  weight  assist plunger. Do  not  depress  weight  assist  spring. Record   measurement   D. f. Subtract measurement D from finding C. The result is the weight assist protru- sion.  Weight  assist  protrusion  should be  0.840  inch  (21.33  mm).  If  weight assist protrusion is below 0.840 inch (21.33  mm),  add  weight  assist  shims (5). If weight assist protrusion is above 0.840  inch  (21.33  mm),  remove shims  (5),  or  if  no  shims  are  used, grind  small  end  of  weight  assist  plunger. Weight assist shims are available in 0.007  inch  (0.178  mm)  and  0.016  inch (0.406   mm)   thicknesses. TA  242551 2-321


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