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TM   5-2815-241-34&P FUEL  PUMP  -  CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS GOVERNOR  PLUNGER  REPAIR CAUTION Do not remove torque spring by pulling it straight off. This will stretch it beyond its elastic limit so it has to be replaced. NOTE Remove  governor  plunger  from  fuel  pump  housing  if  not  previously  removed. 112. Governor plunger assembly  (5) Torque  spring  (6) and  shims  (7) a. Take  torque  spring  off  by  twisting. b.   Take off shims. NOTE Step 113 is for determining new governor plunger to be used if spring pack housing has been replaced. If spring pack housing has not been replaced, proceed to step 114. 113.  Fuel  pump housing   (1) Governor  plunger assembly  (5) a. Attempt  to  fit  governor  plunger  in  spring pack  housing. b. If governor plunger enters, try the next larger size governor plunger. c. Keep trying larger sizes until one will not   enter. d. Select a governor plunger two sizes smaller  than  the  last  governor  plunger that  does  fit  inside  spring  pack  housing. Do  not  force  a  governor  plunger  Into the  spring  pack  housing. e. Mark  spring  pack  housing  with  size  of governor  plunger  determined  to  be used. TA  242554 Change  1 2-325


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