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TM   5-2815-241-34&P FUEL  PUMP  -  CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS GOVERNOR PLUNGER REPAIR - CONTINUED 114. Governor plunger assembly  (1) Thrust  washer  (2) Inspect  thrust  washer  for  wear  or  damage. Tag  for  replacement  if  worn  or damaged. 115. Governor   plunger   (3) Inspect  governor  plunger  for  excessive wear or scoring. Tag  for  replacement  if  worn  or scored. NOTE Steps  116  thru  120  are  for  governor  plunger,  thrust  washer,  driver,  and  stop  sleeve replacement only. Proceed to step 121 only if these parts do not need to be replaced. 116. Retainer  pin  (4), stop  sleeve  (5), driver  (6),  and thrust  washer  (2) a. Support governor plunger assembly in V- blocks and drive retainer pin from stop sleeve,  governor  plunger  (3),  and driver. b. Take out driver and thrust washer. Replace  parts  as  necessary. 117. Stop  sleeve  (5) 118. Governor   plunger   (3) Stop  sleeve  (5) 119. Thrust  washer  (2), driver  (6),  and retainer  pin  (4) Using arbor press and mandrel, press stop sleeve  from  governor  plunger  (3). Replace  parts  as  necessary. a. Lubricate  governor  plunger  with extreme-pressure  grease  and  position over stop sleeve with retainer pin-holes alined. b. Using arbor press and mandrel, press in governor  plunger  until  flush  with  face of  stop  sleeve. Place  thrust  washer  and  driver  in  position and,  with  governor  plunger  supported  on V-blocks, drive in retainer pin. Chamfered  side  of  thrust  washer  must be next to driver. 2-326


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