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TM   5-2815-241-34&P FUEL  PUMP  -  CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS GOVERNOR  SPRING  PACK  REPAIR 122.   Governor   barrel assembly  (1) Retaining  ring  (2) 123. Spring  retainer  (3), shims  (4),  and  high- speed  spring  (5) 124. Idle  spring  plunger guide  assembly  (6) 125. Idle spring plunger guide  (7) Adjusting   screw   (8), flat  washer  (9), idle  spring  (10), idle  spring  plunger (11),  and  adapter  (12) 126. 127. Governor barrel Idle  spring  plunger assembly  (1) guide  assembly  (6) 128. Adjusting   screw   (8), flat  washer  (9), idle  spring  (10), idle  spring  plunger (11),  and  adapter  (12) High-speed   spring (5), shims (4), spring  retainer  (3), and  retaining  ring  (2) Using snapring pliers, take off. a. Take out. b. Inspect for wear or damage. Replace  parts  as  necessary. Take  out. a. Take out. b. Inspect all parts for wear damage. Replace  parts  as  necessary. a. Screw  in  adjusting  screw  and  place  flat washer over screw point inside idle spring  plunger  guide. b. Place idle spring inside, and install idle spring plunger over idle spring. c.  Install  adapter. Install. a. Install  high-speed  spring  and  shims  as required. The  final  number  of  shims  will  be determined  during  fuel  pump calibration. b. Install spring retainer. WARNING Safety goggles must be worn to prevent possible eye injury when compressing barrel assembly  spring. c. Compress  governor  barrel  assembly spring in governor barrel assembly housing   (1)   and,   using   snapring   pliers, install  retaining  ring. 2-328


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