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TM   5-2815-241-34&P FUEL PUMP CALIBRATION - CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS FUEL PUMP RUN-IN 16.  Test  stand  (1) Bypass  valve  (2), suction valve (3) and  flow  control valve  (4) Place in OPEN position. WARNING Fuel is flammable and can explode. To avoid serious injury or death, keep fuel away from  open  fire  and  keep  extinguisher  within  easy  reach  when  working  with  fuel.  Smoking is  prohibited  while  working  with  fuel. CAUTION Make sure fuel pump screen is clean and fuel filter is installed with hole in filter facing down.  Foreign  material  in  pump,  or  filter  installed  upside  down,  will  cause  fuel  pump damage. Test stand motor switch is marked REVERSE and FORWARD. For all fuel tests for this fuel pump, the test stand switch must be set to the REVERSE position. NOTE Seat all other test stand valves by opening one-quarter turn and reclosing, to make sure they are in the closed position, to prevent leakage. I 17. Fuel pump (5) Fuel  filter  adapter Mount  fuel  filter  adapter  and  gasket. (8) and gasket (7) 18. Plug (8) Using  9/16-inch  box  end  wrench,  remove plug and fill fuel pump (5) with test oil or fuel oil, and reinstall plug. 19. Fuel shutoff valve manual override knob  (9) Open  by  turning  fully  clockwise. 20.  Test  stand  (1) Power  switch  (10) Place in ON position. 21. Fuel   heat switch  (11) Place in ON position. Observe  that  fuel  temperature  gage reads 90° to 100oF (32° to 38°C) for test oil or diesel fuel. 22. Selector  valve  (12) 23. Range  crank  (13) 2-338 Change  1 Place   in   ROTAMETER   position. Turn to HIGH range position.


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