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TM   5-2815-241-34&P FUEL   INJECTOR This  task  covers: a.  Disassembly  (page  2-352) b.  Cleaning  (page  2-356) c.  Inspection  (page  2-356) d.  Assembly  (page  2-363) e.  Testing  (page  2-366) INITIAL  SETUP Tools Adapter,   injector Adapter,   tool,   burnishing,   ST-708 Detector,  leakage,  ST-990 Extension,   plunger,   ST-1089 Gage,  size,  orifice,  ST-1332 Gage,  thickness Glass,  magnifying Handle,   hinged,   1/2-inch   drive Injector,  master,  ST-1210 Key,  hex,  5/64-inch Plate,  lapping Stand,  injector  test,  ST-790 Socket,   crowsfoot,   1   1/4-inch, 1/2-inch   drive Tester,  spray  angle,  ST-668 Tester,  spring Wrench,  body,  no.  3375102 Wrench,  box-end,  1  1/4-inch Wrench,   open-end,   1-inch Tools   -  Continued Wrench,   retainer,   ST-995 Wrench,  torque,  0  to  150  in.  lb  (0  to  16.9 N•m),  3/8-inch  drive Wrench, torque, 0 to 175 ft lb (0 to 245 N•m), 1/2-inch   drive Materials/Parts Cutting fluid, lapping (item 5, appendix B) Gasket, orifice plug (if required) Gasket   (two   required) Oil,  fuel  (item  11,  appendix  B) O-ring Prussian  blue  (Item  13,  appendix  B) Test oil, injector (item 20, appendix B) Equipment   Condition Fuel  injectors  removed  (page  2-34). ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS DISASSEMBLY 1. Injector (1) Injector  detent Pull  out  from  injector. plunger  link  (2) Set  aside  to  prevent  damage. 2-352


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