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TM   5-2815-241-34&P FUEL INJECTOR - CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS 11. CAUTION Handle  injector  plunger  with  care  to  prevent  damage  that  would  render  it  useless. Plunger  (2) a. Inspect  machined  surfaces  for  pitting  or wear. Bright  spots  or  surface  disruption  at top  of  machined  area  and  on  opposite sides  at  bottom  of  plunger,  or  at  mid- point,  are  normal  results  of  rocker arm  action.  If  metal  is  displaced  or wear  is  measurable  at  these  points, replace  plunger  and  barrel.  Narrow streaks  running  the  length  of  plunger are  normal.  If  pitted  or  worn,  replace plunger  and  barrel. b. Inspect  machined  surfaces  for  cracks  or looseness  where  plunger  is  connected to  coupler. If  cracks  or  looseness  exist,  replace plunger  and  barrel. c. Inspect  for  metal  seizure. If  metal  seizure  Is  present,  replace plunger  and  barrel. d. Inspect socket for wear or cracking. If  wear  or  cracking  Is  present  in socket,  replace  plunger  and  barrel. T A     2 4 2 5 7 6 2-357


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