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TM  5-2815-241-34&P FUEL  INJECTOR  -  CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS TESTING  -  CONTINUED 61. 62. ST-790 injector test  stand  (2) Inlet  hose  (3) 63. Drain  hose  (5) 64. 65. 66. Spray angle tester  (1) Injector  (7) Plug (9) Injector  (7) Locate  on  or  near  ST-790  injector  test stand  (2). Any  other  suitable  source  of  22  psi (152  kPa)  constant  fuel  pressure  can be  used. Attach  to  adapter  (4)  from  ST-790  injector test  stand. Attach to adapter base (6) and place loose end  in  ST-790  injector  test  stand  drain  area. a. Check  injector  markings.  See  the  follow- ing  illustration  and  select  the  appropriate target ring (8) and install injector on ST-668  spray  angle  tester. b. Select correct size plunger bore plug and  rubber  seal,  and  install  in  injector plunger   bore. Install  in  adapter  drain  opening. Place  in  ST-668  spray  angle  tester  seat, adjust holddown bracket (10), and secure with   thumbscrew   (11). Be  sure  plunger  bore  plug  and  seal are  thoroughly  sealed. WARNING When fuel is forced from injector spray holes, keep hands and body away from spray stream. High-pressure fuel may pierce the skin. 67. ST-790   injector test  stand  (2) Apply  22  psi  (152  kPa)  fuel  pressure 68. Target  ring  (8) a. Shift so one spray stream hits on number 1  or  index  window. This  Is  the  tallest  window  and  pro. vides  ±  3  degrees  tolerance  on injector  spray  stream  location. b. Each spray stream must hit a window in target  ring. If spray stream Is off 2 degrees of window,  replace  injector  cup. 2-372


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