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73. 74. 75. 77. TM  5-2815-241-34&P FUEL INJECTOR - CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS TESTING -   CONTINUED NOTE Perform  steps  73  thru  83  to  test  check  ball  seating. Plunger  (1) Preformed  packing (3) and two gaskets  (4) Place in injector (2) without spring. Place on injector. ST-708  burnishing tool  adapter  (5) Lubricate  inside  with  fuel  oil. CAUTION Injector inlet port and ST-708 burnishing tool adapter inlet hole must be alined to prevent damage  to  the  burnishing  tool  point,  when  installed  later. 76. Injector  (2) a. Position in ST-708 burnishing tool adapter (5) so that injector inlet port and adapter  inlet  holes  aline. b. Secure by tightening locating screw (6) on   ST-708   burnishing   tool   adapter. ST-790   injector   test Connect to ST-708 burnishing tool adapter. stand  inlet  line  (7) and  drain  line  (8) 2-374


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