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TM   5-2815-241-34&P FUEL  INJECTOR  -  CONTINUED LOCATION 90. Burnishing tool (9) ACTION ITEM REMARKS Burnishing  tool Retract by pulling out small knob (12). needle  (11) NOTE With  burnishing  tool  needle  retracted,  burnishing  tool  may  be  left  in  inlet  connector during  all  test  operations. 91. ST-790 injector Injector  inlet test  stand connector   (10) 92. Drain  line  (14) Connect  by  screwing  in  large  knob  section (13)  to  ST-708  burnishing  tool  adapter  (5) inlet hole. Screw   into   ST-708   burnishing   tool adapter  (5). T A    2 4 2 5 9 2 2-377


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