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TM  5-2815-241-34&P TURBOCHARGER  -  CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS INSPECTION  -  CONTINUED 18. Turbine   housing   (1) a. Using  straightedge,  check  mounting flange  area  for  cracks  or  distortion. if  cracked  or  distorted,  discard. b. Inspect  turbine  wheel  side  of  turbine housing  for  cracks  and  distortion  or wheel  to  housing  contact. if  cracked  or  distorted,  discard.  if scratches  are  deep,  discard  housing. Small  scratches  and  nicks  can  be polished  out  with  emery  cloth. 19. 20. Turbine  casing  (2) a. Inspect  casing  for  cracks  or  distortion. If  cracked  or  distorted,  discard. b. Inspect  impeller  side  of  casing  for cracks,  scratches,  nicks,  or  scoring. if  cracked,  deeply  scratched,  or scored,  discard.  Small  scratches, nicks,  or  scoring  can  be  polished  out with  emery  cloth. Bearing   housing   (3) a. Inspect for cracks in oil passages, inlet and  outlet,  and  pitting  or  distortion  on turbine  end. Discard  if  cracked,  pitted,  or distorted. b. Check  for  cracks  where  ribs  meet  bear- ing  housing  and  bearing  housing  bore. Discard  if  cracked. c. Using  bore  gage,  measure  inside  diam- eter of bearing housing bore. Bore diameter  should  be  1.274  to  1.278 inches (32.36 to 32.46 mm). Discard  housing  if  bore  exceeds  1.278 inches (32.38 mm). d. Using  5-  to  6-inch  micrometer,  meas- ure turbine housing seating area diam- eter.  Diameter  should  be  5.049  to  5.055 inches (128.25 to 128.40 mm). Discard  if  diameter  does  not  meet these  specifications.  New  bearing housing  should  be  5.050  to  5.052 inches  (128.27  to  128.32  mm). 2-390


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