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TM   5-2915-241-34&P TURBOCHARGER  -  CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS INSPECTION  -  CONTINUED 22. Diffuser  plate  (1) a. Inspect  for  cracks,  burrs,  or  distortion. Discard  if  cracked  or  distorted. Smooth  out  burrs  with  emery  cloth. b. Using  bore  gage,  measure  inside  diam- eter of turbocharger sleeve bore. Discard  if  bore  gage  does  not  Indicate 0.999  to  1.004  inches  (25.37  to 25.50 mm). 23. 24. 25. 26. Turbocharger   sleeve (2)  and  new  oil  con- trol  ring  (3) a. Inspect  for  indications  of  wear. Discard  if  worn. b. Using  thickness  gage  and  new  oil  control ring,  insert  oil  control  ring  into  groove on sleeve and measure clearance with thickness  gage. Discard  if  clearance  exceeds  .009 inch (0.23 mm). Heat  shield  (4) Inspect  for  cracks,  distortion,  or  burned condition. Discard  if  distorted,  burned,  or cracks exceed 1/2 inch (12.7 mm) in length. Compressor  wheel  (5) Inspect  for  broken  vanes  or  indications  of contact  with  turbine  housing.  Using  leak- detection  dye  check  for  cracks. Discard  if  cracked,  broken,  or  con- tact  with  compressor  housing  is indicated. Wheel  and  shaft  (6) a. Using  leak-detection  dye,  check  wheel for  cracks. Discard  if  cracked. b. Inspect  sealing  ring  grooves  for grooves, scratches, or nicks. Discard  if  grooves,  scratches,  or nicks  cannot  be  removed  with  emery cloth. 2-392


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