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TM  5-2815-241-34&P TURBOCHARGER  -  CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS ASSEMBLY   -   CONTINUED 39.  Bearing  housing assembly  (1) Compressor  wheel  (2) a. Lubricate  shaft  with  lubricating  oil  and position  compressor  wheel  on  shaft. b. Using arbor press and mandrel, press compressor  wheel  against  seal. CAUTION Do not overtorque self-locking nut as this will deform turbine wheel and shaft. 40. 41. Self-locking   nut   (3) Compressor   housing (4),  eight  screws (5),  and  eight  new lockwashers   (6) 42.  Turbine  housing  (7) Bearing  housing and  compressor assembly  (8) 43.  Turbocharger assembly  (9) Retaining  straps (10),  two  new  screws (11),  four  new  flat washers  (12)  and  two new  self-locking nuts  (13) Using  3/4-inch  box-end  wrench,  ST-1095 socket,  and  1/2-inch  drive  0  to  150  ft  lb  (0 to  210  N•m)  torque  wrench,  install  and tighten self-locking nut to 20 to 24 ft lb (27 to 33  N•m). a. b. C. a. b. a. b. C. d. install  compressor  housing  on  bearing housing  assembly,  and  aline  index marks made in disassembly. Install  new  lockwashers  on  screws  and screw  into  compressor  housing. Using   3/8-inch   drive   7/16-inch   socket and 0 to 150 in. lb (0 to 16.9 N•m) torque wrench, tighten to 60 to 84 in. lb (6.7 to 9.7 N•m). Lubricate  turbine  housing  bore  with  anti- seize  compound. Position  bearing  housing  and  compres- sor  assembly  into  turbine  housing  and aline index marks made in disassembly. Position  retaining  straps  around  bearing housing  and  center  retaining  strap openings over oil supply and drain holes. Install one new flat washer on each new screw  and  install  through  retaining straps. Install one new flat washer on each new screw and screw on new self-locking nut. Using  7/16-inch  box-end  wrench,  1/2- inch  drive  7/16-inch  socket,  and  0  to 150  ft  lb  torque  wrench,  tighten  to  32  to 36 ft lb (3.6 to 4.1 N•m). 2-396


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