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TM   5-2815-241-34&P ANEROID   CONTROL   VALVE   -   CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS 21. 22. 23. Bellows  cover  (17) 24. Three  screws  (18), Position  new  lockwashers  and  screws  as and  three  new shown,   and   using   7/16-inch   box-end lockwashers   (19) wrench,   tighten. 25. 26. Aneroid   control valve  body  (1) Bellows  (11),  piston (12),  spring  (13), and  bellows  actuating shaft  (8) Place bellows, piston, and spring on bellows   actuating   shaft. Bellows  washer  (14), new   lockwasher   (15) and screw (16) a. Place  bellows  washer  on  bellows  (11). b. Position  new  lockwasher  and  screw,  and using   7/16-inch   box-end   wrench, tighten. Aline bellows (11) and bellows cover with holes  in  aneroid  control  valve  (1). Lead  seal  (20), a. Connect new lock wire to screws and tubing   (21),   tubing crimp on lead seal. nut  (22),  and  new b. Position  tubing,  and  using  9/16-inch lock  wire  (23) box-end  wrench,  tighten  tubing  nut. Pipe  plug  (24),  pipe plug  hole  (25),  and pipe  plug  (26) a. Using   3/16-inch   hex   wrench,   screw   in and  tighten  pipe  plug  (24). b. Fill  pipe  plug  hole  with  lubricating  oil until oil leaks from hole. c. Using   3/16-inch   hex   wrench,   screw   in and  tighten  pipe  plug  (26). T A    2 4 2 6 0 7 2-403


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