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TM   5-2815-241-34&P IDLER PULLEY - CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS INSPECTION 8. Bearing  (1)  and shouldered   shaft   (2) a. Inspect bearing for excessive wear or binding  (page  2-444). b. Inspect  shaft  for  straightness,  galling, or pitting on bearing surface, or dam. aged   threads. Discard  bearing  or  shaft  if  defective. 9. Idler  pulley  (3) ASSEMBLY 10. Shouldered   shaft   (2) and  bearing  (1) 11. Idler  pulley  (3)  and bearing  (1) 12. 13. Idler pulley (3) Retaining  ring  (4) Screw  (5)  and flat  washer  (6) 14.  Shouldered  shaft  (2) New oil seal (7) and new   preformed packing  (8) Inspect pulley groove for excessive wear, chips, cracks, or burrs. Discard  if  defective. a. Using  lubricating  oil,  lubricate  idler shaft. b. Using arbor press and mandrel, press bearing  onto  shouldered  shaft  until  inner race  of  bearing  touches  idler  shaft flange. Using arbor press, press bearing with idler shaft (2) into idler pulley until bearing bottoms. Using snapring pliers, put in. a. Put in place. b. Using   5/32-inch   hex   wrench,   tighten. a. Using  lubricating  oil,  lubricate  lip  of  new oil seal and new packing. b. Position  new  packing  into  groove  on  idler shaft. c. Using  arbor  press  and  ST-658  mandrel, press new oil seal into idler pulley (3). 2-406


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