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TM  5-2815-241-34&P FINAL  TESTING  AND  ADJUSTMENTS  -  CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS STARTING WARNING EXHAUST  GAS  CAN  KILL  YOU Exhaust gas is without color or smell, but can kill you. Breathing exhaust gas produces symptoms of headache, dizziness, loss of muscular control, a sleepy feeling, and coma. Brain damage or death can result from heavy exposure of exhaust fumes of fuel- burning  internal  combustion  engines.  Exhaust  gases  can  become  dangerously  concen- trated  under  conditions  of  no  air  movement.  Precautions  must  be  followed  to  ensure crew safety when the engine of any vehicle is operated for any purpose. 1. DO NOT operate vehicle engine inside building unless ample ventilation is available. 2. DO NOT idle engine for long periods without ventilator blower operating. 3. DO NOT drive any vehicle with inspection plates, cover plates, or engine compart- ment  doors  removed  unless  necessary  for  maintenance  purposes. 4. BE ALERT at all times during vehicle operation for exhaust odors and exposure symp toms If either is present, IMMEDIATELY VENTILATE personnel compartments. If symptoms  persist,  remove  affected  crew  to  fresh  air;  keep  warm;  DO  NOT  PERMIT PHYSICAL EXERCISE; and, if necessary, give artificial respiration. 5. FOR  ARTIFICIAL  RESPIRATION,  REFER  TO  FM  21-11. 6. BE AWARE; the field protective mask for chemical-biological-radiological (CBR) protection  will  not  protect  you  from  exhaust  gas  fumes. THE  BEST  DEFENSE  AGAINST  ENGINE  EXHAUST  FUMES  IS  GOOD  VENTILATION. CAUTION To prevent damage to the turbocharger, do not accelerate the engine above 1000 rpm until the reading on the oil pressure gage indicates normal oil pressure at idle speed. 12.  Fuel  pump  (1) Throttle   (2) Set  for  idle  speed. CAUTION After  engine  starts,  run  at  approximately  800  rpm,  disconnect  turbocharger  oil  drain line, and observe oil drain. Oil should flow in 10 to 15 seconds. If no oil flows in 30 seconds, shut down engine and correct fault. Reconnect oil drain line when flow is established. NOTE The manual override knob on forward end of electric shutdown valve allows valve to be opened if power is not available during testing. To use, open valve by turning knob fully clockwise.  Each  time  engine  is  started,  see  Preliminary  Starting  Procedures, page  2-3. 2-418


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