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TM  5-2815-241-34&P FINAL  TESTING  AND  ADJUSTMENTS  -  CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS ENGINE  TESTING  -  CONTINUED NOTE Each  time  engine  is  started  see  Preliminary  Starting  Procedures,  page  2-3. 15. Engine  (1)  mounted on  engine  test  stand a. Restart  engine  (page  2-3). b. Apply load to 145 horsepower (± 10%) at  1575  rpm  (±5%)  until  full  operating temperature  is  reached. c. Check  crankcase  pressure  on  ST-487 blowby  checking  tool. NOTE If  blowby  reading  steadily  decreases  with  each  different  load  applied,  reduce  run-in  time at that load by half. Otherwise, run engine for time period specified. d. e. f. g. h. i. j. k. Shut down engine and check oil level. Refill to high mark. Restart  engine  (page  2-3). Apply  load  to  218  horsepower  (±10%) at 2100 rpm (±5%) for 15 minutes. Set engine governed speed by adding or removing shims under the high-speed governor  spring. See  fuel  pump  maintenance, page  2-289. Set  fuel  rate  using  ST-1190  fuel  con- sumption  measuring  device. Allow  engine  to  idle.  Adjust  engine idle to 600 rpm (±20) by removing pipe  plug  (2)  from  spring  pack  cover  (3) and, using 1/4-inch flat-tip screw- driver,  turning  the  idle  adjustment screw  (4). See  fuel  pump  maintenance, page  2-289. Apply  load  to  247  horsepower  (±10%) at 2100 rpm (±5%) for 15 minutes. If  blowby  rises,  reduce  load  to specifications  In  step  f  and  run  for  30 minutes.  Return  to  load  specified  In step j. Apply  load  to  261  horsepower  (±10%) at 2100 rpm (±5%) for 15 minutes. 2-420


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