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TM   5-2815-241-34&P FINAL  TESTING  AND  ADJUSTMENTS  -  CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS ENGINE  TESTING  -  CONTINUED NOTE Each  time  engine  is  started  see  Preliminary  Starting  Procedures,  page  2-3. 15.  Continued Engine  (1)  mounted in engine test stand r. Restart  engine  (page  2-3). s. Run engine at approximately 800 rpm for 5 to 10 minutes until full operating tem- perature  is  obtained. t. Apply  load  to  278  horsepower  (±10%) at 2100 rpm (±5%) for 5 minutes. Engine  should  develop  278  to  290 horsepower  at  standard  fuel  rate  of 105 Ib/hr. u. Check blowby pressure. If  blowby  pressure  exceeds  12  inches (30.48  cm)  of  water,  reduce  engine speed  and  load  as  specified  in  step  k. v. Repeat steps s, t, and u until engine develops a minimum of 278 horsepower at  standard  fuel  rate  within  permissible blowby  pressure. w.  Shut  down  engine. 18.  Engine  (1)  mounted Aneroid   control in engine test stand valve (2) 17.  Fuel  pump  (4) 18. Sealing  ball  (5) Locking  wire  (7) a. Remove  plugs  from  fuel  pressure  and fuel  return  lines  (3). b. Using  9/16-inch  and  5/8-inch  open- end  wrenches,  connect  fuel  pressure and fuel return lines. Using  1/4-inch  punch  and  8-ounce  ball- peen hammer, hit into end of throttle shaft  (6). a. Thread  through  pipe  plug  (8)  and  two hex  head  cover  screws  (9).  Twist  lock- ing wire until secure. b. Install lead seal (10) onto twisted wire ends. 2-422


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