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TM  5-2815-241-34&P TROUBLESHOOTING  ON  ENGINE  TEST  STAND  -  CONTINUED MALFUNCTION TEST  OR  INSPECTION CORRECTIVE  ACTION 2.  COOLANT  TEMPERATURE  LOW. Step  1. Remove and test thermostat. Replace  defective  thermostat. Step  2. Remove  water  pump  (page  2-37).  Inspect  for  incorrect  impeller. Replace  incorrect  impeller  (page  2-408). 3.  ENGINE  CANNOT  REACH  GOVERNED  RPM. Step  1. Check  specifications  for  high-speed  governor  setting. Reset   high-speed   governor   setting. Step  2. Check  injector  timing  (page  2-106). Reset  injector  timing. 4.  ENGINE  CRANKCASE  DILUTION. Step  1. Step  2. Step  3. Check gaskets and fuel lines for internal or external leaks. Repair or replace leaking gaskets and fuel lines. Remove  injectors  (page  2-34).  Check  for  cracked  injector  cups  or  damaged O-rings  (page  2-289). a. Replace  cracked  injector  cups. b. Replace  damaged  preformed  packing. Check  cylinder  head  gaskets  for  internal  and  external  leaks.  Inspect  cylinder head  for  porous  casting. a. Replace  defective  gaskets  (page  2-36). b. Replace  defective  cylinder  head  (page  2-36). 5.  ENGINE  STOPS. Step  1. Check fuel shutoff valve for correct operation. Replace  defective  fuel  shutoff  valve  (page  2-289). Step  2. Check  filters,  gaskets,  connections,  and  suction  lines  for  air  leaks. Replace  defective  filters,  leaking  gaskets,  hoses,  and  suction  lines. Step  3. Remove  fuel  pump  (page  2-41).  Check  for  broken  fuel  pump  drive  shaft (page  2-289). Replace broken fuel pump drive shaft. Step  4. Disassemble  fuel  pump  (page  2-289).  Check  for  correct  idle  spring  assembly. Correct  idle  spring  assembly  and  reassemble. Step  5. Disassemble  fuel  pump  (page  2-289).  Check  for  correct  governor  weight assembly. Correct  governor  weights  and  reassemble. Step  6. Perform engine compression check for cylinder head gasket leakage. Replace  leaking  gasket. 2-426


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