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TM    5-2815-241-34&P TROUBLESHOOTING  ON  ENGINE  TEST  STAND  –  CONTINUED MALFUNCTION TEST  OR  INSPECTION CORRECTIVE  ACTION 16. EXCESSIVE  SMOKE  UNDER  ACCELERATION. Step  1. Step  2. Step  3. Step  4. Step  5. Step  6. Step  7. Step  8. Step  9. Step  10. Check for excessive exhaust back pressure. Repair  or  replace  defective  turbocharger  (page  2-12). Check  fuel  drain  lines  for  restrictions. Repair or replace restricted fuel drain lines. Check  for  defective  aneroid  control  valve  (page  2-289). Replace defective aneroid control valve. Check intake and exhaust gaskets for leakage. Replace  leaking  gaskets  (page  2-272). Check  injector  timing  (page  2-106). Reset  injector  timing. Check  valve  adjustment  (page  2-106). Readjust   valves. Remove  injectors  (page  2-34).  Check  for  correct  injector  cup  size (page  2-289). Replace  incorrect  injector  cups. Check push tubes or cam followers for damage. Replace  damaged  push  tubes  (page  2-33)  and  cam  followers (page  2-47). Perform engine compression test. Check for cylinder head gasket leakage. Replace leaking cylinder head gasket. Check for scored pistons and cylinder sleeves. Replace scored pistons and cylinder sleeves. 17.  EXCESSIVE  VIBRATION. Inspect  vibration  damper  and  flywheel  for  damage  or  improper  installation. a. Replace damaged vibration damper and flywheel. b. Reinstall  vibration  damper  and  flywheel. 18. EXCESSIVE WHITE SMOKE AT IDLE. Step  1. Check  for  starting  fluid  build  up  in  intake  manifold. Remove built up starting fluid. Step  2. Check for raw fuel in intake manifold. Repair  starting  aid  (page  2-289)  and  remove  excess  fuel. Step  3. Check  for  low  coolant  temperature  or  defective  thermostat. Replace  defective  thermostat. Step  4. Check  injector  timing  (page  2-106). Reset  injector  timing. 2-431


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