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TM    5-2815-241-34&P C-4. EXPLANATION  OF  COLUMNS  (SECTION  IV)  –  Continued. (4) CAGE  column  The  Commercial  and  Government  Entity  (CAGE)  is  a  5-digit  alphanumeric  code  used to  identify  the  manufacturer,  distributor,  or  Government  agency,  etc.,  that  supplies  the  item. (5) PART  NUMBER  column.  Indicates  the  primary  number  used  by  the  manufacturer  (individual,  firm, corporation, or Government activity), which controls the design and characteristics of the item by means of its engineering  drawings,  specifications  standards  and  inspection  requirements  to  identify  an  item  or  range  of  items. C-5. SPECIAL    INFORMATION. a. Usable  On  Code.  me  usable  on  code  appears  in  the  lower  left  corner  of  the  Description  column  heading. Not   Applicable. b. Fabrication  Instructions.  Bulk  materiels  required  to  manufacture  items  are  listed  in  the  Bulk  Materiel Functional  Group  of  this  RPSTL.  Part  numbers  for  bulk  materiels  are  also  referenced  in  the  DESCRIPTION  column  of the  line  item  entry  for  the  item  to  be  manufactured/fabricated.  Detailed  fabrication  instructions  for  items  source  coded to be manufactured or fabricated are found in  Appendix  D  of this manual. c. Assembly  Instructions.  Detailed  assembly  instructions  for  items  source  coded  to  be  assembled  from component spare/repair parts are found in Chapter 2. Items that make up the assembly are listed immediately following  the  assembly  item  entry  or  reference  is  made  to  an  applicable  figure. d. Kits.  Line item entries for repair parts kits appear in group 9401 in Section II. e. Index  Numbers.  Items which have the word BULK in the FIG. column will have an index number shown in the  item  column.  This  index  number  is  a  cross-reference  between  the  National  Stock  Number/Part  Number  Index  and the  bulk  materiel  list  in  Section  II. f. Associated  Publications.  The  publications  listed  below  pertain  to  the  NTC-290  Diesel  Engine,  the  20-Ton Dump  Truck,  and  their  components: Publication LO   5-3805-254-12 TM   5-3805-254-10 TM  5-3805-254-20-1 TM   5-3805-254-20-2 TM   5-3805-254-20P TM   5-3805-254-34 TM   5-3805-254-34P Short  Title Truck,  Dump IHC  Model  F-5070  (CCE) Truck,  Dump IHC  Model  F-5070  (CCE) Truck,  Dump IHC  Model  F-5070  (CCE) Truck,  Dump IHC  Model  F-5070  (CCE) Truck,  Dump IHC  Model  F-5070  (CCE) Truck,  Dump IHC  Model  F-5070  (CCE) Truck,  Dump IHC  Model  F-5070  (CCE) C-6. HOW  TO  LOCATE  REPAIR  PARTS. a. When National Stock Number or Part Number Is Not Known: (1) First.  Using the Table of Contents, determine the assembly group or subassembly group to which the item  belongs.  This  is  necessary  since  figures  are  prepared  for  assembly  groups  and  subassembly  groups,  and  listings are  divided  into  the  same  groups. (2) Second.  Find  the  figure  covering  the  assembly  group  or  subassembly  group  to  which  the  item belongs. (3) Third.  Identify the item on the figure and use the Figure and Item Number Index to find the NSN. C-6 Change  1


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