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TM    5-2815-241-34&P ROCKER  ARM  HOUSING  REMOVAL  -  CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS 3.  Rocker arm housing   (7) Six  rocker  arm studs  (8) Using  5/8inch  box-end  wrench,  unscrew and  take  out. 4.  Cylinder  head  (9) Rocker   arm   housing (7)  and  gasket  (10) Using rubber mallet, tap lightly and take off. Discard  gasket. CROSSHEAD   REMOVAL INITIAL  SETUP Tools Equipment   Condition Screwdriver,   flat-tip,   l/Cinch Wrench,   open-end,   9/16-inch Materials/Parts Tags,  marker  (item  17,  appendix  B) Rocker  arm  housings  removed  (page  2-30). TA  242354 2-31


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