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TM   5-2815-241-34&P ACCESSORY  DRIVE  REMOVAL INITIAL  SETUP Tools Extension,   6-inch,   1/2-inch   drive Handle,   hinged,   1/2-inch   drive Puller, accessory drive pulley Screwdriver,   flat-tip,   1/4-inch Socket,   11/4-inch,   1/2-inch   drive Wrench,   box-end,   half-moon,   5/8-inch Equipment   Condition Air compressor and fuel pump removed (page  2-41). ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS 1.  Gearcase  cover  (1) Self-locking  nut  (2) and  flat  washer  (3) Using 1/2-inch drive 11/4-inch socket, 6-inch  extension,  and  hinged  handle, unscrew and take off. 2. 3.  Accessory drive shaft  (6) 4.  Left  front  of cylinder block (8) Pulley  (4)  and  oil Using accessory drive pulley puller, take slinger  (5) off. Key (7) Using 1/4-inch flat-tip screwdriver, pry out. Five  screws  (9), five  lockwashers (10),  accessory drive  (11),  and gasket  (12) Using   5/8-inch   half-moon   box-end   wrench, unscrew and take off. Discard   gasket   and   lockwashers. TASK ENDS HERE TA  242365 2-43


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