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TM  5-2815-241-34&P APPENDIX  D ILLUSTRATED LIST OF MANUFACTURED ITEMS Section   I.   INTRODUCTION This appendix includes complete instructions for making items authorized to be manufactured or fabricated at Direct Support  or  General  Support  Maintenance. All bulk materials needed to manufacture the item are listed by part number or specification number in a tabular list on  the  illustration. Section  II.  MANUFACTURED  ITEMS  ILLUSTRATIONS DESCRIPTION: Hose PART   NUMBER: 8465575-44 MAKE  FROM: Hose,  part  number  364359C1 TOOLS   REQUIRED FOR  FABRICATION:  Knife,  Pocket  Tape,  Measuring  78  3/4  inch Figure  D-1.  Hose *U.S.  GOVERNMENT  PRINTING  OFFICE:  1992  643-016/60071 Change  1 D-1/(D-2   blank)


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