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TM   5-2815-241-34&P PISTON   ASSEMBLY   INSTALLATION   -   CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS CAUTION Over  expanding  piston  rings  during  installation  on  piston  can  cause  piston  ring  dis- tortion.  This  will  cause  scoring  of  cylinder  sleeves  and  premature  piston  ring  failure. Never file or grind chrome plated piston rings. Never use chrome plated piston rings in chrome plated cylinder sleeves. NOTE Expand piston rings only enough to pass over piston. Piston rings must be installed in same number piston and cylinder sleeve that ring end gap  was  checked. 2.  Piston  assembly  (1) New   chrome-plated compression   ring   (2), new  compression  ring (3),   new   compression ring  (4),  and  new oil  ring  (5) a. Using   ST-763   piston   ring   expander, expand  each  ring  and  install  in  proper ring groove on piston as shown. b. Rotate piston rings to separate ring end- gap  openings  as  shown. 3. Connecting rod (6) Two  nuts  (7),  two new   hardened   con- necting  rod  washers (8),   and   connecting rod  cap  (9) Unscrew  and  take  off. 4. Two   connecting rod  bolts  (10) Using suitable covering, cover threads. NOTE Before  performing  next  step,  coat  piston  sides,  piston  rings,  and  upper  connecting  rod bearings with lubricating oil and position piston ring end gap 90 degrees apart. 5. Piston (1) Chrome-plated  com- pression  ring  (2), compression   ring   (3), compression   ring   (4), and  oil  ring  (5) Using   ST-1176   piston   ring   compressor, compress  piston  rings  to  piston. 2-62


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