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TM   5-2815-241-34&P CAMSHAFT    INSTALLATION INITIAL  SETUP Tools Equipment   Condition Indicator,  dial Piston   assemblies   Installed   (page   2-60). Materials/Parts Grease,   extreme-pressure   (item   10, appendix   B) Washer,  thrust  bearing ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS NOTE Before  performing  the  following  steps,  coat  both  sides  of  thrust  bearing  washer  and camshaft  lobes  and  journals  with  extreme-pressure  grease. 1.  Camshaft and gear (1) New  thrust washer  (2) Put  on. Grooves  must  face  camshaft  gear. CAUTION When performing step 2, care must be taken to prevent damaging camshaft bushings and  camshafts. NOTE When  performing  step  2,  aline  timing  marks,  two  O’s  (zeros)  on  camshaft  gear  and crankshaft gear as shown in view. 2. Cylinder block (3) Camshaft  and  gear (1)   and   crankshaft gear (4) Put  in. Rotate  while  Installing  to  aline timing   marks. N O T E Method  used  for  mounting  dial  indicator  is  at  discretion  of  using  facility.  Set  contact point  of  dial  indicator  on  camshaft  gear  tooth. 2-66


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