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TM   2815-241-34&P CYLINDER   HEAD   INSTALLATION INITIAL  SETUP Tools Bit,   screwdriver,   flat-tip,   1/4- inch   drive Handle,   ratchet,   3/4-inch   drive Socket,  1  1/16-inch,  3/4-inch  drive Wrench,  torque,  0  to  200  in.  lb (0  to  23  N•m),  1/4-inch  drive Wrench,  torque,  0  to  600  ft  lb (0  to  840  N•m),  3/4-inch  drive Materials/Parts Gasket,  cylinder  head Grommet,  water  (as  required) Materials/Parts  -  Continued Lockwashers  (four  required) Oil, lubricating (item 12, appendix B) Packings, fuel crossover (four required) Washers,   hardened   (12   required) Equipment   Condition Piston   assemblies   installed   (page   2-60). ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS CAUTION When performing step 1, care should be taken to position cylinder head gasket over dowel pins with word TOP visible or gasket damage may result. NOTE Steps given are typical for all three cylinder heads. Before performing step 1, if waterholes in cylinder block are free of erosion, use gasket with  standard  white  grommets,  0.097  to  0.103  inch  (3.8  to  4.1  mm)  thick.  If  erosion  is evident,  use  black  grommets,  0.107  to  0.113  inch  (4.2  to  4.4  mm)  thick.  No  grommet retainers   are   required. 1. Cylinder block (1) New  cylinder  head gasket  (2)  and  new water  grommets  (3) Put  on. CAUTION Use  care  when  installing  cylinder  head  not  to  damage  machined  surface. 2. Cylinder  head  (4) Put  on. CAUTION Correct cylinder head screws have letters NT forged on top of screwheads. Do not use any other type screw. Screws will break, preventing engine assembly. 2-68


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