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TM   5-2815-241-34&P CYLINDER  HEAD  INSTALLATION  -  CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS NOTE Before performing step 3, coat cylinder head screws with lubricating oil. 3.  Cylinder  head  (4) Twelve  capscrews Using  3/4-inch  drive  1  1/16-inch  socket (5)  and  twelve  new and  ratchet  handle,  screw  in  until  snug. hardened  washers  (6) Do not tighten. NOTE When performing step 4, tighten capscrews in order shown in Cylinder Head Capscrew Tightening  Sequence. 4 . Twelve  cap screws  (5) Using  3/4-inch  drive  1  1/16-inch  socket and 0 to 600 ft lb (0 to 840 N•m) torque wrench,  torque  in  steps  sequence  shown  in Cylinder  Head  Torquing  Sequence. CYLINDER   HEAD   CAPSCREW TIGHTENING  SEQUENCE NOTE Before performing step 5, coat packings with lubricating oil. TA  242379 2-69


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