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TM  5-2815-241-34&P COMPRESSION  RELEASE  SHAFT  INSTALLATION INITIAL  SETUP Tools Wrench,   box-end,   9/16-inch Materials/Parts Lockwasher Oil, lubricating (item 12, appendix B) Packing,  preformed ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS 1. 2. 3. NOTE Before performing step 1, coat packing with lubricating oil. Compression release New  preformed shaft  (1) packing  (2) Front  of  cylinder Compression  release block  (4) shaft  (1) Left rear of cylin- Screw  (6)  and  new der  block  (5) lockwasher   (7) Slide  on  and  position  in  groove  (3). Put  in. Using   9/16-inch   box-end   wrench,   screw   in and  tighten. TASK ENDS HERE T A     2 4 2 3 8 2 2-72


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